Justin Stone - What It's Like

Justin Stone - What It's Like

Yeah, you drowning your liver in Rum
Blacking out every night
You looking dumb
You fell in love with a man that just cheated on you
24 months down the plug
You feeling empty so
Go to the club
Put on your makeup
And try to let go
You stay grinding up on every man
Society looking at you as a hoe
That's all I see from you nowadays
Relationships out of place
Down to fuck from the moment that we met
Funny how you always ask for respect
Always beg daddy for another check
Always treat others like they were your less
You got a full ride to college
But somehow you act like
The only one in this world
That is so stressed
Your life is a mess
Look at your gram
They just like for your breasts
Put out your ass
Just because you can flex
These men do not love you
They just want some sex
Tell you your smart
So you give em some brain
Right when you cum
You know that's why they came
So you sit there
And indulge in your pain
Like why the hell is every guy the same

Shit ain't how it supposed to be
Love, love ain't suppose to leave
You can take that time
You can take that hurt
You say you won't let them close to me

But you know
How I feel
What it's like [x2]

Whats it's like
But I know
What I know
What it's like

Whats it's like
But you know
How I feel
What it's like

Your writing music like every night
You think you'll make it you won't
You don't go to college you don't have a job
What the fuck are you thinking
Always gave me shit when I was out drinking
Only hit my phone
When you feel alone
Only come over when no one is home
An I want to get dinner you always go ghost
That's not what hurts me the most
Not even close
Really I hate all those hoes
Every story on Snapchat you make
Has a different bitch in it
Do you not feel cold
Does that get old
Laying in bed with a different slut
Feeling the high right until you nut
Telling them all that same shitty stuff
That they fell for cause they thought this was love

Shit ain't how it supposed to be
Love, love ain't suppose to leave
I can take that time
I can take that hurt
I say I won't let them close to me

But I know
How you feel
What it's like

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