Caskey - Kick Ass

Caskey - Kick Ass

All my bitches kick ass
She asking for the dick fast

All my girls got thick ass
Yeah, all my homies kick ass

Ay, I'm a Harley boy, so I skrrrt and I get whiplash
Big face on my Rollie, your shit real trash
And my pocket's bulging, look like Kim's ass (Feel like Kanye)
I been syrup sipping, this ain't SlimFast
I was pushing weight, I ain't talking off in gym class
You sending shots, I survive the impacts
All our California wax come in big slabs
All our record deals coming with the big bags
I'm smoking Keyshia Cole, he don't beat his girl, he beat the bowl
Yeah, to each his own, [?] the boy inside and meet the [?]
Y'all been living tales, I just want the Lambo, his and hers
Pop the Percocet and then my vision blurs
I'ma live fast, die young
Chasing out the major paper, lie young
You is just a major hater, fire gun
Know it's time you meet your maker, why run?

Ay, and all my homies get cash
Yeah, and all my girls got thick ass
I'm sipping syrup, this ain't SlimFast

I'ma check out that boogie bitch
In the city that I'm from, I'm Lil Boosie, bitch
Iced out the Rollie watch, it's not the crucifix
Sorry if I'm wasting money, I ain't used to this
You should've changed the style, you just came in on a high horse
Shoot him off the steed and make it my horse
A man defined by the type of shit he die for
I just got some road head, all on iPhone
She gon' choose up to a pimp 'cause she recognize the pimpin'
I'm in South Beach thinking how I might just make a million
Got a Asian bitch like Yoko Ono, fuck, I'm John Lennon
Might just drop a mixtape, feel like I'm like Don Cannon

All my homies get cash
Ay, and all my girls got thick ass
I'm sipping syrup, this ain't SlimFast
And I'ma die young 'cause a motherfucker live fast
And all my girls got thick ass
I'm sipping syrup, this ain't SlimFast
Yeah, and all my homies kick ass

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