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Trophy Eyes – Chlorine

Trophy Eyes - Chlorine

I’m still breathing.
I’m still breathing.

Water ran from my body.
Crystal clear,
Chlorinated and sky blue.
The icy cold brought life back to my feet,
Every breath in was something I owed you.

I heard they cut you down in your own bedroom.
I wondered if you still remembered.

When we remember,
We only get a version of,
The last time we remember it.
As time rolls on,
Thigh it might be a little different –
I won’t forget.
I swear I won’t forget.

Tell me why,
I didn’t die in that swimming pool.
When you saved my life,
Did you know you would take your own.
Who decides if we stay or if we go.
Did it cross your mind,
That I’m alive because of you.

I heard they cut you down in your own bedroom.
I wonder if you’d still remembered.
You gave it all away for a girl.
You didn’t fix it,
You just ended it.

Just two kids,
When you pulled me out.
We never really spoke,
But I still saw you around.
Friends of friends,
What does that mean to you know.
I heard everybody came,
When they put you in the ground.

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