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Off the glass like Benjamin Wallace
Came through with Versace vallet
Pop collar, chose to stack dollars
Came through in a 01′ Impala
I did that, I traded my Benz back
Let my top off, just to show I can bump a suit track
Came through not specific
I can freestyle to [?], and my Benz is lifted
Off the grind, 21 inches if I want to chose
I could beg, you could lose, I could bomb your truth
Versace on shoes, 2000 or better
Came through with my name in Chinese letters
[?] into my letters, got a nice Beretta
If these haters wanna sweat ’em, I could ice your sweater
There’s gonna be holes in your eyes off [?]
I’d ball on your dad, he’s [?] my ass
Ice berg on shirt, and it has to hurt
I can ball berserk, with the serve in my [?]
It’s the [?] blast, I can serve [?]
I can [?] in [?]
I’d broke the mic, I’d serve in sprite
I ball Kevin Hart on the side of the eye
In, on a half a cream soda
I could ball on your shoulders, it’s Jodyhighroller
It’s Jody 3 Moons, better gain 1 moon
I woke up in noon, my album drop in June
The 4th I played this game like a sport
Smoke a new [?], with my hands in my pockets
In the lands of the rockets, and they have to hate it
I can kill like Escelade it and my Versace was bladed
But I did that, I had to do that
Almost gonna take it cause my rims wouldn’t stop spinning backwards
I could smoke backwoods, in the forest
Freestyle was gorgeous, but they couldn’t avoid it
I used to flip for a [?], the [?] was affective
Used to, shoot [?] both hands and [?]
[?] left hand, used to ball like Brian Leftwich
The left hand twitch, cause it’s false bitch
I got a nice Rolex, it’s 40 K
Used to rock [?] storm in LA, I did that
I used to pop a bean, drop a [?]
Shoutout to Adrian Green
[?] tangerine, it was infinite
I got so many rings, I could’ve balled for Olympics
It’s the triple bean dream team, stacking green

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