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Mr. Marcelo – Scarface

Mr. Marcelo - Scarface

Jet Life generals
Little niggas don’t compare to me, in these streets nigga I’m 10 of you
Pussy niggas get popped, like inner-tube
So fly with us, or you will become fish food, yeah
This is legal drug dealing and my hustle don’t stop at a million
All I have in this world, is the dope game
So I got my young niggas selling white girls
Fast money, I’m just trying to get more
All night flights like a nigga on tour
OG, limited edition
Two bad bitches doing dishes in the kitchen
Yeah, a nigga started small time, til this Jet Life shit
Took off like an airline
Rock heat [?] for my money trees
And I be blowin’ good dank, dropping off leaves
(All I have in this world)
(All I have in this world)
Let that bitch breathe
(All I have in this world)
(All I have in this world)
OG, Let’s go
I’m a legend, I’m just tryna leave a legacy
So it’s Jet Life, til the death of me
Dearly departed, please pardon me for killing you niggas softly
I could turn a beat to a brick, lyrics pure dope boy
They could take a six
Put it in the streets and it’s still A1
Down south, how fly, I’ve been that since day 1
Big homie, little nigga pay homage
Before a nigga put you in a bag like garbage
I be blowin’ good green like I’m Irish
Niggas call me brick, cause I’m solid
Yeah, American gangster
Captain of this ship, I could stop it with no anchor
Yeah that’s us in them old school whips
Jet Life nigga, we running this shit
You don’t believe me, then ask your bitch
Yeah I got a young [?] on that OG shit
Smoking white boys, bumpin’ old school jams
And all she talk about is old school Trans Am’s
She be getting dressed for them Jets in the mirror
While you be looking at her like bitch I’m gon’ kill ya
Lame ass nigga
All strung out, Eddie Kane ass nigga

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