Ed Roman - I Am Love

Ed Roman - I Am Love

I'm a Messenger.
I'm a radical.
I am love.

Like any other human being.
Who's cruciformed control.
No longer searching meaning.
I utilize my soul. To be

A Messenger.
To Be A radical.
To Be Love.

Falling from the matrix.
Is what can set you free.
And if you look behind the curtain.
And then into the mirror.
Then I think you'll see.

Be A Messenger.
Be A Radical.
Be Love.

I only hope that blood sweat and toil catches up with us all.
The scars you get each day make you stronger somehow and in someway.
Look for your own truth in your heart when it's bold.
Well it may seem like a coda.
But I learned it from my Baba.
It's not what you believe.
It's what you do.
What ya doing now?!

Like a vibration occupation.
In a fraction of an inch.
And loving all as one.
Is supposed to be a cinch.

Be A Messenger.
Be A Radical.
Be Love.
Be A Messenger.
Be A Radical.
Be Love.
Be A Messenger.
Be A Radical.
Be Love.

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