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Curren$y – Ownership

Curren$y - Ownership

Uh, 93 octane to get my mind right
68 wrap frame hoe and it’s outside
Every day for the cake nigga this Jet Life
Rolled on you, before you got a chance to ride
I’ve done it for my side, same as every time
Ten toes down, but a nigga sky high
Eyes low, but I’m watching profits
Portraits of dead presidents
There’s large face, dollars in my wallet
I represent, every where, I lay it down for my partners
Grew up how I grew up, they been to places I’ve been
Look out boy on the porch of the crack houses
To the mansions with the Porsche’s, four door [?] squatting
In and out of shit, no time to think about it
Hesitating and them niggas on the way to take it
Since you playin’, niggas will show you who to play wit’
I done fucked around, made the Bentley my everyday whip
Wraith for the weekend, Ferrari my holiday pick
Rollin’ joints on the ownership papers for all of my shits
Sorry, but I’m really not sorry
I done killed it, buried it and built a fucking house on it
Weed and Instrumentals

Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life
Jet Life, Jet Life nigga yeah

Jet Life, Jet Life, Jet Life
Jet Life, Jet Life nigga yeah

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