Convictions - Charlatan

Convictions - Charlatan

Kick me when I'm down.
Cast me out when I am lost.
This isn't who you said you were.
You said you were my teacher; my leader.
I still believe in the words that you preach.
You speak the word from a pulpit, yet point a finger like I am a culprit.
Instead of pulling me up, you put me down.
You always put me down.
This isn't who you said you were.
I won't be fooled any longer.
Men like you give Christ a bad name.
Only in it for the fame.
I won't be naive.
You are the reason many people don't believe.
You chose to deceive.
I won't be naive.
We share the same beliefs but you should practice what you preach.
You're pride runs as deep as the plank in your own eye.
This isn't who you said you were.
I won't be fooled any longer.
Stand tall when others weep before your feet.
“But don't forget to pay your offering before you leave.
” If God is for me, then you'll never stand against me!
I'll pave my own road, build a house on stone, plant a seed in the ground where
I buried your crown

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