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Nick Cannon – Dallas Flowers

Nick Cannon - Dallas Flowers

Dallas Flowers
Dallas Flowers will never stop growing
Watered by the tears of innocent children
Delicately relished by millions
Dallas flowers blossom in November
Remember, 1963
Till July of 2016
Officers Ahrens, Smith, Thompson, Zamarippa and Krol
All very reminiscent of Kennedy
Did he really mean “Ask not what we did to this country but look at what this country did to me”?
Dallas flowers appear abundantly
Not as a reminder of tragedy
But as a reminder of humanity
A reminder of how much police and black lives are mattering
So make sure these Dallas flowers aren’t sent in vain
Let’s plant a seed of purpose
Instead of planting seeds of pain
Because every flower blooms from the dirt
But who knew our color subsequently grew from the root of all this hurt
We’re bruised
Black and Blue
Black and Blue
Dallas Flowers

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