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Every Time I Die – Glitches

Every Time I Die - Glitches

So long to young love I’ve anchored my heart
Farewell to small joys I’ve burned down the bar
I’m changing my name so I don’t do no harm
Some say it’s vanity, some say its charm
No levels, still the same old devils
Frightened of fear, a servant of time
Kidnapped the queen, I have angered the hive
Snuffed out the stars with celestial winds
Ended a cycle that started again
I stopped going out, they kept coming in
Was I saving my soul or saving my skin? No levels, still the same old devils
Can’t hold it close, can’t let it go
Prisons in basements in slick model homes
I’m just a day-tripper on sacred terrain
My transformation went from mangled to tame
I don’t feel different but I don’t feel the same
I’m afloat with an ear to the ground
I built a fortress with some books and a phrase
I felt some heat so I came out of the haze
I saw the end and I was truly afraid
I have begged but I’m still not allowed
It’s a trap
Lay the bait, catch the rat
Flew home and left the unknown in the lurch
Kept finding bodies, I called off the search
Went to a hymn from a funeral dirge
Church in the hospital, dog in the church
No levels, still the same old devils
Shepherd me back
This time I know I don’t know nothing, I’m not in control
Mindful but gutless
Theres no need to panic

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