Columbus – Downsides of Being Honest

Columbus - Downsides of Being Honest

I listen to the radio sometimes when I’m home alone
Thinking about the days we spent and the nights I waited next to the telephone
(You never called)
I can hear my heartbeat, punch through the silence
When I’m lying in bed with my headphones on
It’s probably all my fault that you’re gone

And I’ve been coughing ever since I heard you leave
And then I went straight back to sleep
I wish the bags under my eyes weren’t as heavy as my head
And I’ll wait till you come home, look through the window at the streets below
One of the downsides of being honest is I’ll be sleeping on my own

I knew you couldn’t wait for me to leave at 6am
The coldness of your skin reminded me of the last time I held your hand (I feel nothing)
And I can feel your heartbeat, push through my t- shirt as we
Lie awake at 2am
I know that you are thinking the same thing

Sometimes it’s hard, thinking fuck letting go
Of all the things you’ve held so tightly, and that you’ll never know
How it feels to be loved by somebody else, there’s a hole inside my chest that could never be filled

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