Cardiknox - Wild Child

Cardiknox - Wild Child

1, 2, 3, 4
If you wanna be tongue tied
You better know where I hide
Under the bleachers
With pleasure seekers
I got your baby blue eyes wide
Don’t tell me what to do
Go row your own canoe
Like a drummer boy I rat tat tat
Through all your feedback
I’m at the laundromat
Singing full blast

Never growing up
Cuz I do what I feel like
Never growing up
I’ll be young til the day I die
I guess I ’m just a wild child

The taxis never stop
I guess we’ll have to walk
I’m always acting up when the sun’s down
They got me screaming out

Ever since I was a kid I been getting in trouble
Ever since I was a kid I been getting my hustle on

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