Atmosphere - No Biggie

Atmosphere - No Biggie

She said "No biggie"
Territorial enough to try to build a wall around the whole city
Make it pretty with some Deutsch graffiti
Got a ex tattooed underneath the bikini
She was encyclopedia [?}
She got a fanbase, everybody speak with a fist
And you can think about her 'til the heartbeat skips
Make sure you got the name up on the marquee [?]
I got such a bad feeling
The last time you heard me say that, we were burnt alive
Roadkill on the grill, gas turned up high
Stepped off the patio with the courage to fly
We all wanna find a bridge to the upside
While you pretend to be dead on the inside
Take a photo with the number one loser
Trying to get used to living in the future
Years ago you were a different you
Attitude of a hot bowl of cat food
Opened it up like, yeah motherfucker so what?
We all grow up, what happened to you, what's the holdup​?
Throw your nose up bourgeoise character
Trying to claim careless wearing an air freshener
You blow a lot of stink, I promise
You're not bold enough to take your mask off in the populace
So make believe, you ain't what you claim to be
It's obvious painfully
Why you wanna play games with me?
I'm nobody act like you ain't [?]
She only hears so she can hear you cry
I'm trying to cherish life, you're trying to steer on ice
I wanna put my DNA in your American pie
There's no life after death, I'm not ready to die

When I was younger, I didn't think that I would live for as long
When I was younger, I didn't think that I would live for as long
When I was younger, I didn't think that I would live for as long as I've been living it

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