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AJJ – Goodbye, Oh Goodbye

AJJ - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye

I was throttled to the ground
I was locked inside a basement
The guards went on vacation while I plotted my revolt
I was tired and confused
Doesn’t look like that is changing
I’m a hallucination of myself at 3 years old

Goodbye, oh goodbye
Goodbye, oh goodbye
[Verse 2: Sean Bonnette]
You were perched atop my shoulder
You were pecking at my head
And if I had a hole to crawl in, I would be there and be dead
You were spilling all my will out
I was bleeding my last brains
It’s nothing like the nothingness that normally numbs one’s pain

Goodbye, oh goodbye
Goodbye, oh goodbye

7th grade was hard enough
Someone thought that they knew me
If I stay in bed long enough
They’ll go to church without me
If I move away enough
They won’t outrun me
Goodbye, oh goodbye
Oh goodbye [x8]

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