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Zack Lopez – Bloodlines

Zack Lopez - Bloodlines

You kill one man you might as well kill another
Lying dead a father or a brother
The years pass by as one swallows the other
Don’t it cost a lot to live so free

Looking at a sea of empty faces
Darkness hides the bloodlines it erases
Family trees are burning in these places
Your final rest won’t be in your home

The game turns into life once you’re older
Now your best friend’s dying on your shoulder
Instead of on a Friday sleeping over
You can’t restart and do it all again

God is in your heart and your decision
But he didn’t lock you up inside this prison
You’re doing time for someone else’s vision
Who watches from the couch on his TV

The future ain’t as bright as they teach ya
You wish the past would come back here to meet ya
But it had problems too don’t let it mislead ya
By holding on to something that ain’t there

Freedom only lives inside a child
And in those shoes I’d walk a thousand miles
By the time you’re old enough to know
The world’s chewed you up and let you go

So clean your slate and sit down at your table
The brain inside your head knows that you’re able
To read the warning signs there on the label
And not let someone else decide your fate
You don’t let someone else decide your fate

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