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The Stone Roses – Beautiful Thing

The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing

There was no crucifixion
Just lies to steal your mind
Now I know that you’re thinking
That I’m running out of time

Sister must a missed you
I don’t wanna steal your shine
There’s method to my madness
Yeah there’s reason to my rhyme

It’s a beautiful thing that I say bye bye
Hear me, It’s a beautiful thing so I stay so high
So soul sucking vampire
How you love to steal the vibe
All wrapped up in your addiction
So we’ll have to say bye bye

Chorus (then)

Oh, your so hip, this ought to move on our tune x2
Chorus x2
Is this your own reflection, you keep it in a safe
There’s a secret combination, to naval gaze all day


Yeah you say you love John Lennon, you don’t want the world as one
Fight always necessary, yes I have to sing my song
Oh your so hip, this ought to move on our tune x2

Chorus x 2 then instrumental/ solo

Ad lib during solo about it being a beautiful thing
And come on can you feel it

Chorus x2 and more John Squire magic

Chorus x 2

Hey it’s a beautiful thing
Hear me it’s a beautiful thing

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