Angie Keilhauer – Let It Ride

Angie Keilhauer - Let It Ride

You gotta let it fade, got to let it slow
got to let that song you’ve been holding in flow
gotta let your time, slide on by
into the sway of the changing tide
You gotta let it ride

Every morning wake up and it’s 9 to 5
I’m sweating hard just to stay alive
throwing pennies in a jar toward a better life

I’ve got all these voices in my head
but I’ll never be good enough for them
tonight, I’m gonna listen to mine instead

Cuz I’ve got my voice over my guitar
sitting on the back of my car
feeling small and staring at the stars

The sun’s going down but my soul is lifted
I"m living life like I’ve never lived it
feels good, thats it thats all it feels good

The sky’s getting dark but light shines through
I pray someday you’ll feel this too
feels good, that’s it that’s all it feels good

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